Studio Robinsons, Newfoundland & Labrador Work in Progress

The Horizon Watchers series was created to acknowledge art and craft as equal proponents within figurative sculpture.

Each is sculpted using the traditional ceramic technique of coil building to create a figure of a contemporary art performance artist. 

Each sculpture in the Mark Makers series contains two separate pieces that are placed together to create a whole.  A sculptural figurative base holds a flat plate panel giving each sculpture both 2-d and 3-d elements. 

Produced in 2010 the sculptures in the Spider’s Web series are about attachment, loss and love. E.B White’s poem A Spider’s Web became an underlying thematic current through out the construction of these works.

Sculptures from a two-person exhibition curated by the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Art Gallery and toured to The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, St. John’s Newfoundland & Labrador