Horizon Watchers

In the Deeps, 2011, Stoneware, H43cm, In Private Collection

Installation Mary E. Black Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia

We are all Horizon Watchers, scanning the horizon line, watching, waiting, and assessing our options.  For some of us, there are storm clouds on the horizon.  For others, there are clear skies.  Some of us watch the horizon anxiously, while others watch with quiet confidence.  The horizon line is something everyone on planet Earth shares.  It is a common denominator like the human condition.

Introductory paragraph of exhibition essay by Gloria Hickey craft writer
Brocade, 2011, Stoneware

Studio Shot working on Horizon Watchers, Robinsons, Newfoundland & Labrador

Twenty one pieces of sculpture were included in the exhibition which was first presented Mary E. Black Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia 2012. The exhibition travelled to London, Ontario where it was displayed at the Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery. A selection of the work was reformatted into the exhibition Summer Harvest presented by L.A. Pai Gallery, 2015.

Horizon Watchers review by Gloria Hickey craft writer blog

Published Sunday June 10, 2012