Mark Makers

Green Wall (detail) 2011

Each sculpture in the Mark Makers series contains two separate pieces that are placed together to create a whole.  A sculptural figurative base holds a flat plate panel giving each sculpture both 2-d and 3-d elements. 

Artist Statement
Green Wall, 2011, Stoneware, Two-pieces (plate & stand)
Potato Chip Eater, 2011, Stoneware, Two-pieces (plate & stand), private collection

For Weir, making is how she thinks and expresses herself–how she communicates. Her hands and her mind work together: thinking in clay is a way of seeing, seeing in clay is a way of communicating. She works through ideas until the pieces sing, finding that perfect pitch between form and content, positive and negative space, gesture and meaning, surface and form.

Ingrid Mary Percy, VANL-CARFAC news Spring/Summer 2013 Vol. 16 No. 1
Mystery Reader, 2010, Two-pieces stoneware (plate & stand), 37 x 46 x 40cm, private collection
Mark Makers, 2011, Stoneware Two-pieces (plate & stand), 34 x 34x 38cm.

Mark Makers is in the Collections of The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, St. John’s, NL and is published in “Future Possible, An Art History of Newfoundland & Labrador”, written and edited by Mireille Eagan, Goose Lane Edition, 2021.